A step-by-step guide

Sizing Collar Loop

  1. Unwrap the leash and adjust the Collar Loop by sliding webbing in or out of the Collar Buckle. Pro tip: Use your dog’s old collar as a sizing template.
  2. Check the fit: 2-4 fingers should fit between the Collar Loop and your dog’s neck.
  3. QR Codes: attach your dog tag to the hole in the Collar Buckle. Put the 1st QR code on the back of that dog tag. Put the 2nd QR code on the back of the Connect Buckle. They can be scanned if your dog gets lost or to help your friends get their own Releash™.

Sizing Leash

  1. Slide the Collar Loop onto your dog’s neck.
  2. Slide your hand between your dog’s neck and the Collar Loop, palm up, fingertips toward your dog’s nose.
  3. Wrap the leash around the Collar Loop, keeping the webbing snug and neat.
  4. Adjust the Post Buckle until the Connect Buckle locks in snugly. Pro tip: Take the time to get it just right, neither too tight nor too loose. This will help your Releash function optimally.

Deploying Leash

  1. Pull the tab to extend the leash.
  2. Fasten the Connect Buckle to the Post Buckle to create a handle.
  3. When you no longer need a leash, restore as in steps 2-4 above.

Video Resources

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How-to Wash

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