In February 2019 Tim and Jeff enjoy a powder day together at Bridger Bowl. Tim tells Jeff how he developed and patented a leash/collar combination to help him handle his avalanche search dog, Pele. Jeff is intrigued because he had long pondered solutions to the same problem — having a leash when you need one — but not having to carry it.


Together they refine Tim’s original design until they arrive at the Releash™ — a handsome, low-profile collar and leash that is always on your dog. Simply pull the tab for a leash whenever you need direct control of your dog. Re-store it on your dog when you no longer need it and continue your adventure. Never be without your leash again!


Covid hit us hard like nearly everyone. Soon after covid hit, a wildfire burned Jeff’s house and all of his family’s possessions to the ground. These stark reminders of life’s uncertainty have trained our focus on one of our core values — connection. We donate a portion of our profits to organizations that build and connect community.

About Us

Man standing and petting a dog

Tim Farrar


An itinerant powder hound, Tim studied glaciology in Alaska and snow in Arizona, yes Arizona! Tim worked for many years as a professional ski patroller, avalanche forecaster, educator, avalanche dog handler and ski guide. He has built houses from foundation to finish, brokered custom window and door systems for estate homes, and worked as a rigger, rope access technician, and work at height safety consultant and educator. Tim lives in Bozeman with his wife Jessica and their dogs WilyB, and Maia. When not skiing, they like to climb, bike, float rivers, remodel houses, improve their rudimentary surfing skills and explore wild, open spaces. They have two grown children – one off the payroll and the other soon to be. Tim likes punk rock and poodles.

Man standing and petting a dog

Jeff Vermillion


Together with his two brothers, Jeff Vermillion started Sweetwater Travel Company— a fly fishing travel company with over a dozen fly-fishing destinations worldwide. He grew up in Billings, Montana and now lives in Bozeman with his wife Catherine; daughters Ella and Sole; and two dogs, Rocco and Gus. He is a skier, bird hunter, fly fisherman and hiker (more a bushwhacker according to his wife) almost always with his dogs in tow. Jeff loves redneck country music and “purse” dogs. Circle 3 Creative is his latest adventure.

Make a difference to your community and the wild places you love.

We donate a portion of our profits to organizations that are committed to building strong, healthy, connected local communities.  If you know of a worthwhile organization, please drop us a line. If we can help, we will.

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