What is Releash?

It’s a leash,

… and a collar!

The ReLeash™ begins with a low-profile collar that adjusts to fit any size dog using our steel interior buckle. The integrated leash stores on your dog using our patented dual release magnetic buckle. Pull on the pull tab to deploy the leash. Connect the bottle opener to the magnetic buckle to create a handle and you are ready for adventure with your pup under control. Need both hands free while you gear up? Simply connect the handle around a secure anchor while you get ready. Once you are in a safe leash-free zone, restore the leash on your dog and you are ready for your hike, run, bike, hunt, ski or whatever you like to do with your dog.

The ReLeash is always on your dog and always ready for whatever you may encounter: people who do not appreciate your dog, wildlife, car traffic, other dogs who may not be friendly, etc. ReLeash — never be without your leash again!

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