The Best Dog Ever

by | Nov 22, 2022

An Inspiration Behind the Releash™

The barkeep set the fifth of whiskey on the bar and asked me “doing anything fun tonight?” Without thinking I responded, “not really, I am putting my 14 year old dog down.” Immediately I lost it and the flood gates opened. In hindsight it was, of course, a “must lie” situation for everyone’s sake. The poor woman was just making friendly conversation. I should have had the presence of mind to spare her from the ugly sight of a grown ass man crying but I was as caught off guard by my reaction as she. She quickly and generously gave me a single serve bottle of whiskey and said “I’m so sorry.” I thanked her, paid, left a fat tip and quickly made my way to my truck where I shot the small bottle.

You are lucky to get one “best dog ever” in your life. Pele was mine. My companion for 14 years she was everything I could have hoped for in a dog and more. Anyone who knew her would say the same. I trained her as an avalanche rescue dog and she was with me nearly every day for work and play.

Dog covered in snow


In the late summer of 2021 I prepared a grave in our backyard because we thought the end was near. Pele had other ideas. Her 14th birthday came and went in September. We continued to celebrate every good day, smiling as she stumbled around in the back yard sniffing and rolling in the grass and snow. At the same time we wondered every day when the bad days would become too many.

On February 14, 2022 we held Pele in our arms as she was mercifully assisted to sleep on our our living room floor. I carried her outside and buried her with one of my t shirts that she had ripped as we passed her down a ledge in a sandstone slot canyon – one of our many adventures together. After she was tucked in and covered with dirt, rocks and clean snow we celebrated her life by a big backyard fire with the bottle of whiskey. We howled at the waxing moon in her honor on a beautiful clear, cold, night in the squeaky snow.

The best ones grab your heart and never let go. Treasure yours and try to be the person she thinks you are.

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